Architectural design with an attitude!

Who wants their beach house to look the same as every other beach house on the Texas coast? Architectural design is not about picking a different color paint than what is painted on your neighbor's house. It's not having a rectangular shaped home versus it being square. 

In Seagrass Beach, you will find true architectural design... design that takes vision, creativity, and countless sleepless nights to get it right. This is one of the key elements that will set Seagrass Beach apart from the crowd. Yea, we have a really cool and fun amenities package, but without the unique design of the homes and amenities, Seagrass Beach would just be another beachfront community that blends into the crowd like a college student wearing khaki shorts and a polo t-shirt. At first glance, our style may appear odd to some, but when the first few homes are completed this summer and you can truly appreciate the intricate details of the architectural design and building components, we know you will soak it up the warm sun on the beach.

Who is responsible for the architectural design and what is it called? Stan Cromartie, Principal of ARCON Architects, is responsible for the architectural design of the amenities and homes being built in Seagrass Beach. Stan has invested countless hours, tireless nights, hundreds of pots of coffee, and likely some blood, sweat and tears, to design each element of the amenities and homes in Seagrass Beach. He's not the rigid, accountant type architect that designs the home and tells you it's "his way or the highway." Stan is about creating a box full of components, building blocks, or fundamentals that can be applied to various homes to make each one of them special in their own way... homes that are user friendly... attractive homes... homes that will sustain for generations... homes that will shrug off the worst of storms... homes that make you feel good... homes that you will hate to leave on Sunday afternoon to get back to your primary home... homes that make you happy!

On Saturday, May 28th at 3:00 PM, we will be hosting a Grand Opening Party for everyone to come tour the community, see the resort-style pool, roast s'mores over the beachside fire pit, fish in ponds, or just take a leisurely stroll down the beach. Click HERE to RSVP to the Grand Opening Party, or email 

Visit to learn more about the available homesites, or contact Brad Ballard at or by calling 281-639-0451 to reserve your lot today. 

Seagrass Beach is luxury beachfront community with 35 homesites and is located in Crystal Beach, Texas on Bolivar Peninsula. 

The home shown in the renderings below is currently under construction and is slated to be completed this summer, and is available for purchase. Contact Brad Ballard by calling 281-639-0451 to learn more.

Beachside view of 408 Seagrass - Available for purchase

408 Seagrass - Beach Side Angle View

408 Seagrass - Street Side View Looking Towards the Beach

408 Seagrass - Beachside View Ground Level Shot

408 Seagrass - Artistic Rendering in Black & White