Who Owns Seagrass Beach?

Who owns Seagrass Beach?

Seagrass Beach is owned by three individuals that are long-time residents of Friendswood, Texas. One of the three owners is Brad Ballard, who manages all aspects of the day to day operations of the company including construction, marketing and sales, permitting, budgeting, and land planning. The other two owners are businessmen who own and operate businesses located in Friendswood, Texas.

Who is Brad Ballard?

Owner of Seagrass Beach, Brad Ballard, and his family

Owner of Seagrass Beach, Brad Ballard, and his family

Brad is a graduate of Baylor University with a degree in finance. He is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys spending most of his free time with his wife, Michele, and their two sons, Boston (4 yrs) and Harris (2 yrs). He is the founding principal of NewCoast Properties, a real estate development and brokerage company that is currently 100% focused on developing Seagrass Beach and Laguna Harbor. Prior to founding NewCoast Properties, Ballard worked at HFF, a commercial real estate mortgage banking company, where he gained experience in originating debt and equity for commercial real estate transactions. He also worked for a Houston area development company, where he gained experience in developing retail, office, and multifamily properties. Brad is a hard-working, honest businessman who places great value on quality and integrity. He is very hands-on with every aspect of a project from the design and permitting phase, to constructing certain parts of the development with his own two hands. Brad can be found working at Seagrass Beach or Laguna Harbor 3-4 days per week.

Are Seagrass Beach and its owners related to the previous owners in any way?

No, absolutely not. The owners of Seagrass Beach purchased the bank notes from the original lender for the development. After resolving a number of land planning and entitlement issues, they foreclosed on the bank notes in December of 2014 and moved forward with developing the property. When the property was foreclosed on, the previous owners' interest in the property was entirely eliminated. Any rumors to the contrary are nothing more than rumors, and are completely false. Prior to purchasing and developing Seagrass Beach, the present owners had never owned any property or been involved in a project on Bolivar Peninsula.

Why did the new owners maintain the name Seagrass, instead of choosing a new name for the development?

There are a number of reasons why we chose to maintain the name Seagrass. 

  1. We had to replat the property and it made it much easier to replat the property by maintaining the name Seagrass.

  2. During the permitting process, we utilized previous work that was done for the State of Texas General Land Office and Galveston County, and did not want to encounter any delays due to having to obtain new information as a result of the GLO and County not being able to rely on hurdles that had already been cleared by the previous developer, such as civil engineering drawings, detention, flood maps, survey work, utility capacity letters, etc.

  3. The name and location of the property was somewhat recognizable by the local crowd that knew about the development in prior years.

In summary, the owners of Seagrass Beach are NOT related to the previous owners of the property in any way whatsoever. If you have any specific questions regarding this matter, please contact Brad Ballard by email at Brad@SeagrassBeach.com. 

Visit http://www.seagrassbeach.com/tour to schedule a tour of the property.

Photo of the beautiful pool at Seagrass Beach in Crystal Beach, Texas on Bolivar Peninsula

Photo of the beautiful pool at Seagrass Beach in Crystal Beach, Texas on Bolivar Peninsula