Why Buy In Seagrass Beach?

Why Buy In Seagrass Beach?

Buying a beach home is a big decision. What should you consider when purchasing a beachfront property? What questions should you ask when looking at buying a vacation home on the Texas Gulf Coast? Below are a few of the more important things you should consider when looking for that perfect beach home.



Whether you are in the market for a retirement home or a vacation home, the location is always the most important thing to consider. Why? Because, when it's time for your kids, grandchildren, family or friends to come visit, you want the home to be located as close as possible, so the driving distance is not reason for them to not want to visit you. 

Seagrass Beach is well located on the Upper Texas Gulf Coast near Houston and Beaumont, on the Bolivar Peninsula near Crystal Beach, Texas. So, when it's time for your friends and family to pack their bags and head to the beach to visit you, they will appreciate you for deciding to buy a beach home close to where they live, instead of having to drive an extra 4 hours to the beaches in south Texas or an extra 10 hours to the beaches of Florida. Seagrass Beach is only 1 hour from Beaumont, only 1.5 hours from Houston, 4.5 hours from Dallas, and 4 hours from Austin and San Antonio.


Seagrass Beach is one of the few residential, beachfront communities on the Gulf Coast that has amenities that are exclusive to its residents. Below is a list of the featured amenities in Seagrass Beach. 

  • Beachfront Pool - In short, the resort-style pool that is centrally located within the development is absolutely spectacular. Elevated at 18 feet above sea-level and oriented facing the beach, our pool boasts breathtaking views overlooking the beach and the Gulf of Mexico. It features a beach entry, tanning ledges, and an infinity edge that appears as if the water flows over into the Gulf of Mexico. Whether you are taking your grandchildren or another couple to the pool, the daily stresses of life will evaporate from your body as you lay back in a lounge chair or sit poolside in one of the 6 cabanas, while sipping on your favorite adult beverage.

  • A few of the other amenities include manicured communal lawns, fishing ponds, an in-ground fire pit, pedestrian and golf cart paths to the pool and beach, WiFi throughout the development, and gated entrances at the highway, the pool area, and the beach.



What does Fortified mean in terms of home building on the Texas Gulf Coast? Here at Seagrass Beach, Fortified means that we design, engineer and construct the homes to much higher construction standards than the majority of all homes on the Texas Gulf Coast. All homes in our community are being constructed to the superior engineering and construction methods set forth by the IBHS Fortified Home Gold Program.

To put it simple, this means the homes being built in Seagrass Beach are designed and engineered to be much stronger and more disaster resistant than the homes down the street. If you want to learn more about the IBHS Fortified Home Program, you may click HERE.

So, when you are shopping for a beach home, be sure to ask your realtor or the home builder if the home you are looking at is built to the Fortified Home Gold Level. When they tell you "No" or ask you, "What does that mean?", simply say, "Thank you", and make your way to Seagrass Beach where all of the homes built to the IBHS Fortified Home Gold Program, which means they are much stronger and more disaster resistant. 


When coming up with the concept for Seagrass Beach, we decided we wanted to build not only superior quality homes, but we wanted each of the homes to have distinctive architectural design. We decided we didn't want to build plain "boxes" where you basically only get to choose the exterior paint color of your house, so it isn't identical to your neighbor's.

Let's be honest, who wants to show up to the dance with the same dress on as several other girls, but in a different color? The reason everyone builds different colored "boxes" is because they are cheaper, easier and quicker to build. 

At Seagrass Beach, expect superior construction methods and distinctive architectural design that is unique to each home and cohesive to the overall theme of Seagrass Beach.


When building anywhere on the coast, you must be prepared for the worst. We pray we are never faced with another hurricane, but if it does happen again, you want to have the best insurance so you can rest peacefully at night. Because Seagrass Beach wasn't developed prior to 1982, the homes are not eligible for FEMA flood insurance. The rule makes zero sense, but that's ok, because we have a solution that is superior to FEMA flood insurance. 

We view this as being very positive and it's actually a great selling feature for several reasons. Here's why:

  • FEMA flood insurance does not cover the ground floor of your home, whereas our insurance does cover the ground floor of your home.

  • FEMA flood insurance only covers your home up to $250,000, whereas our insurance covers the entire cost to rebuild the home.

We worked very hard on the behalf of our homeowners to identify the best private flood insurance coverage available. The flood insurance in Seagrass Beach may cost slightly more, but the benefit of being able to insure the ground floor and the entire cost to rebuild your home, far outweighs the increase in cost. 



Who wants to own a beach home and be shoulder to shoulder with people as if you were being herded into a cattle pen? Answer: Nobody! 

Seagrass Beach was carefully designed to provide the ultimate, family-friendly, coastal living experience where you and your loved ones can enjoy the beach life without feeling crowded or disturbed by having neighbors all around you. That's why there are only 35 home sites on a 33.5 acre parcel of land with expansive views overlooking acres of communal lawns. 

To increase the privacy and exclusivity of having a home in Seagrass Beach, we installed locked gates at the beach entrance, the pool area, and the front entrance gate along Highway 87. To gain access to our community, you must have a gate remote to get in at the highway entrance gate, or you must have a digital key fob to buzz your way into the beach entrance or the pool. Furthermore, to thwart unwelcome people from entering our community and to protect our homeowners’ property, we have installed security lighting and surveillance cameras at all points of entry. 


In summary, buying a beach home is a challenging, yet rewarding experience, if you are prepared and ask the right questions. When sifting through the many options, be sure to ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is it located close enough that my friends and family will come and visit often?

  2. Does it have amenities like a resort-style pool with cabanas, communal lawns, a fire pit, pedestrian and golf cart paths, or secured gated entrances at the beach and highway?

  3. Is the home engineered and constructed to the IBHS Fortified Home Gold Level Standards?

  4. Does the home have distinctive architectural design, or is it a "box" that looks like every other home in the area?

  5. Does the home have insurance coverage that insures the ground floor area? Does it have flood insurance that covers the entire cost to rebuild the home?

  6. Is the home located in a community that provides the privacy and exclusivity that you desire, or will it be surrounded by other homes?

Seagrass Beach was carefully designed to be the ultimate, family-friendly, beachfront community on the Texas Gulf Coast. Come check it out, we promise you will fall in love at first sight!